Buried Cavern
Buried Cavern
Games Forever Kingdom

Allies None

The Buried Cavern is, technically, the eighth stage in Forever Kingdom in terms of difficulty. It is the sixth place visited by Darius, Ruyan and Faeana.

It is unknown how the trio end up in this place, as the cavern is underground, and they end up here immediately after having explored the Shrine of Mist without any explanation. The enemies in this level attack either by jumping on the enemy, or by staying on the ground or rising from underneath the ground. After exploring the area, the trio finally manage to escape and come up to the surface. Darius expresses his relief because, had they stayed any longer there, they would have been buried.


Buried Cavern Revolving Door

One of the revolving doors in the Buried Cavern.

The Buried Cavern is a labyrinth, with interconnected pathways — some with holes, some with bridges, others with leech-like Mutants that can inflict the Cursed status on the party. There are also crab-like Mutants that do not attack much at most times, but when they do, they can inflict Guard Break on the party.

At the end of some of these paths are colored whirlwind-like portals which the trio must go through in order to access to hidden areas of the cavern. There are no specific place names, despite the presence of revolving doors at some points of the cavern, and the player is expected to pick the right way and survive without running out of items.

At the very center is a Mutant that rises from underneath the ground, and it gets its large size and strength due to the projections from nearby objects.

Buried Cavern Center

The enemy in the center has shrunk!

The key to actually solving this area is to keep as many Life Extracts, Calming Fruits and Orbs of Atonement in the inventory, and use them where fit. The Soul Gauge should be powered up with armor by now. The trio has to deactivate the objects in the center of the cavern in order to progress. After deactivation, the holes should fill up, there should be no more Curse-inflicting Mutants, and most of all, the enemy in the center would shrink to its original size, making it easy to defeat.

Treasure ListEdit

  • Axe of Slaying
  • There is an empty chest immediately past the yellow whirlwind portal.