Evergrace Crystal Pillar

A Crystal Pillar as it appears in Evergrace.

The Crystal Pillar functions as the shop and save point in both Evergrace and Forever Kingdom.


Evergrace Crystal Pillar Shop

The Crystal Pillar shop in Evergrace.

The Crystal Pillar shop takes the form of a big blue gem, and can be found at designated points within each level.


Forever KingdomEdit

The Crystal Pillar's design has changed significantly in comparison to the first game. In addition, there are separate shops for items, weapons, accessories, helms, armor and leggings.

It must be noted that while party members can be changed within the various levels of the game, you cannot change the party member you are controlling while you are inside the Crystal Pillar.

Evergrace II Crystal Pillar Shop

The Crystal Pillar Shop in Forever Kingdom.

The Shop Owner can be spoken to at the far end of the Crystal Pillar. Talking to him will open a number of options:

  • Save: Allows the player to save the game.
  • Fashion: Allows the Shop Owner to assess the Fashion Rank of each party member.
  • Upgrade: If the player has Palmira Pieces, the Shop Owner will allow the player to upgrade any weapon, helm, armor or leggings with the Palmira Pieces he has collected.
  • Training:
  • Coliseum: Allows the player to battle hordes of Mutants. Successfully completing a series of battles in the Coliseum grants the player a reward in a treasure chest.
  • Mushroom: If the player has collected a Mushroom, he can present it to the Shop Owner to gain his favour... and a hefty discount too.