Edinbury is the name of the continent where the stories of Evergrace and Forever Kingdom take place. It is a continent that has witnessed the rise and fall of empires. There is a deep forest of legendary Billiana trees. Children have been born with an emblem-like mark called the Crest, and have been shunned as bringers of tragedy.

Forever KingdomEdit

The continent of Edinbury is mentioned before the gameplay begins, in a monologue by Darius. He tells that the ancient Rieubane Empire has fallen, and there are only four villages that survived. He also tells about the war between Solta and Morea, as well as the Eve of Disaster which followed. As he tells the player about the setting of the story, the Truth Crystal has an imposing presence in the background.

The monologue reads as follows:

Edinbury... a continent steeped in magic, where the legendary Billiana trees have flourished for longer than mankind has existed.

Edinbury... home to the lost civilization of the Rieubane Empire, once vast and mighty, now lost to antiquity.

Edinbury... where only four villages have withstood the fall of the Rieubane Empire - each with populations that once lived in harmony with the mysterious Billiana trees. Solta, Morea, Seclue and Toledo are the remaining villages that exist on this continent.

Solta and Morea have been at war for more than a decade. Their dispute comes from Morea's objection to Solta's decision to clear away the Billiana forest to provide farmland to feed its people.

Morea wants to protect the Billiana forest. They despise Solta's plan to destroy the forest for their own selfish needs.

The conflict began as a series of small skirmishes but soon escalated into all-out warfare as the deteriorating environment caused widespread upheaval.

Morea and Solta were hopelessly deadlocked in battle after battle. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, the fighting ceased.

This was due to a cataclysmic event later referred to as the "Eve of Disaster."

The military forces on both sides of the conflict were damaged beyond repair. The Solta army suffered the greatest number of losses, and since the Eve of Disaster, the war has been permanently halted.

Not learning from history, however, those in command of the Solta army began the gradual process of rebuilding the army, waiting for the right moment to launch a new assault on Morea.

The day had come where I decided to take up my sword and begin my journey.

I did so in order to face a destiny that has been thrust upon me. A destiny that can only be described as accursed...