There are two official Evergrace novels known to have been written, both of which are in Japanese. The two authors responsible for their creation are Kaeko Shimomura and Mie Takase.

As the novels are in Japanese, Darius and Sharline will be referred to by their respective Japanese names, Yuterald and Shalami.

Kaeko Shimomura novelizationEdit

Evergrace Kaeko Shimomura

The front cover of the Kaeko Shimomura novel.

The translation of the accompanying blurb for the novel is as follows:

The novelization of the popular PS2 game Evergrace is finally here... (SECOND SENTENCE) Can Yuterald return to his original world with Shalami?

Mie Takase novelizationEdit

Evergrace Mie Takase

The front cover of the Mie Takase novel.

This novel is known as Evergrace: The Man Who Assumes the Crest
(エヴァーグレイス クレストを負いし者 Evāgureisu Kuresuto o Oishimono). It was printed in 2000, and spans 242 pages.

It not only features Darius and Sharline, but also Ruyan, Saris and Felkin -- as Ryana, Alftaein and Felk respectively.

The book is currently out of print, and is therefore very rare.