Fire is one of the four elements in the Evergrace series. It is represented by the colors red and orange, and harnesses the power of fire. Its opposite is the Ice element.


Forever KingdomEdit

Fire is used as an element for armor, attack and Palmira Actions. Fire-type enemies can be fought starting from the Ruins of Fire.

Ruyan's default Palmira Action is a Fire-based one, triggered by the Fire Ring. The Fire PA is important in two story sections, namely those of the Testing Grounds (where Ruyan is expected to light up the torches leading to the entrance of the Shrine) and the Hall of the Shrine of Mist, where Felkin, Darius and Ruyan have to trigger a tri-elemental attack with Fire, Ice and Lightning. As Felkin is already equipped with a Lightning-based accessory and Darius has an intolerance to ice, Darius has to equip the Fire Amulet. Fire-based Palmira Actions can also be used to open the doors and defeat enemies in the Ruins of Frost.

Karmyla, the older of the Twin Princesses whose story influences the entire game, is also associated with the Fire element.

Armor using the Fire attributeEdit




Weapons using the Fire attributeEdit