Forgotten Valley
Games Forever Kingdom

Allies None (?)

The Forgotten Valley is an area of note in Forever Kingdom. Darsul and Drumhort went to this place in search of the Palmira Doll, the strongest weapon in ancient civilisation. Darius, Ruyan and Faeana arrive at the Forgotten Valley to put an end to the Soul Bind, Solca and Karmyla.

It is also said that the very essence of Palmira lies in this place, and that there is a powerful energy within that causes people to avoid and forget about the valley.

It should be noted that previous areas cannot be accessed once the party arrives at the entrance to the Forgotten Valley.


Before the events of Forever KingdomEdit

Saris, who had once been hired by Darsul, came with him as a bodyguard while exploring the Forgotten Valley. He went there believing that he would find a mountain of hidden treasure and become wealthy. However, Darsul, who was presumably also accompanied by Drumhort, was only there for the Palmira Doll, an ancient weapon that lay lost within the valley.


Treasure ListEdit