Garden of Harmony
Garden of Harmony Solca Dies
Games Forever Kingdom

Allies None (?)

The Garden of Harmony is a boss location in Forever Kingdom. It directly follows the Ruins of Frost and the Ruins of Fire.

It is here that Darius, Ruyan and Faeana fight and defeat Solca, the younger of the Twin Goddesses.


After exploring the Ruins of Frost and the Ruins of Fire, Darius, Ruyan and Faeana open the door to the Garden of Harmony only to see Solca, one of the two princesses, in the middle. Ruyan calls out to Solca, saying that he and his friends do not wish to fight her. However, she does not listen. Darius tells him that Solca has lost all sense of logic, and they resort to fighting her. The three friends slay Solca in battle.

Solca lies dying in Faeana's arms. Ruyan asks Darius if he is sure fighting was their only option, and Darius says yes. Ruyan then asks if there is another way, because he feels bad for the princess. Darius scorns him for even suggesting there is another way.

When Ruyan comes to comfort Faeana, she starts to get visions of the Dandelion Field... from Solca's point of view. Faeana thinks of the dandelions, and then of Solca's sister Karmyla. Darius rightly remarks that Faeana is experiencing Solca's memories, and Ruyan cannot understand why. Faeana, still experiencing Solca's memories, breaks down and cries.