Ice is one of the four elements in the Evergrace series. It is represented by the color blue, and harnesses the power of ice. Its opposite is the Fire element.


Forever KingdomEdit

Ice is used as an element for armor, attack and Palmira Actions, though its emphasis is quite late in the game. Ice-type enemies can be fought starting from the Canyon of Defile, and can be fought again in the Land of the Dead, the Shadow Palace and the Ruins of Frost. The Ruins of Frost hold the highest concentration of Ice-based enemies in the game. Early in the game, however, there are two ice obstacles that can be breached -- one in the Chasm of Tranquility and the other in the Cavern of Testing.

Ice-type attacks include the Call of Ice, which can be triggered by the Ice Amulet. Faeana's default Palmira attack is an Ice-based one, triggered by the Ice Bracelet. Ice-based Palmira Actions are used to open doors and defeat enemies in the Ruins of Fire.

Darius is weak towards Ice, and thus cannot equip any Ice-based armor or weapons.

Solca, the younger of the Twin Princesses and the main influence towards the events of the game, is associated with the Ice element.

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