Naphato the Third
Naphato The Third
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"M-m-my c-c-c-castle ..."
—Naphato the Third, Evergrace

Profile Edit

Evergrace 1 Edit


Gender: Male

Height: Approximately 5.4 ft.

Personality: Edit

He's unsure and skeptical and the pressure of the responsibilities of being an emperor has only made it worse. He rather spend his last days alone and to himself, but he does have somewhat of a sensitive side that rarely shows.

History: Edit

Naphato the Third was the last emperor of the Rieubane Empire.

He survives the destruction of his castle along with a few of his royal guards, which later where killed by the monsters. He wanders through life, dreaming of the days his spent in his royal chamber within his castle on Saramad Hill and questioning himself as why he was not killed along with all the others, unable to determine if this is good luck or a curse.

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