Evergrace I: Edit

Offense Status
- -
- -
- -
- -
Defense Status
DEF Slash 10
DEF Hit 10
DEF Lunge 10
DEF (Lightning) 10
DEF (Tree) 10
DEF (Flame) 10
DEF (Ice) 10

Strategy Edit

Evergrace 1: Edit

The best place to grind the Palmira Bees is in the Human Research Lab 2F, in the room with all the Hentacles and Cots. Kill off all the Hentacles to keep them out of the way. Then stand in the nook surrounded by boxes and use the "Call of Ice" Palmira Action. This will spawn a load of Palmira Bees that you can then easily take out with another "Call of Ice" action. The Palmira Bees will randomly drop Palmira Ore and Dark Guide Posts.

Palmira Bee strat

The speedrunner FeralDemon uses this strategy in their July 5th, 2016 speedrun of Evergrace.

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