"It is the strongest and most horrifying weapon developed by the Ancient Empire."

The Palmira Doll is a weapon created by the the Ancient Empire, which is said to yield great power when a human soul is placed within it. It was made using the power of Palmira, and resided in the Forgotten Valley. It gets notable mention in Forever Kingdom for taking away the souls, or part of the souls of several characters. Saris states in that it is the most powerful weapon ever created by the Ancient Empire. Legend has it that the doll single-handedly destroyed an empire...

The Palmira Doll is uncontrollable, and it wanders in search of its own peace.


Forever KingdomEdit

Saris talks about the Palmira Doll while revealing his past as a hired bodyguard for Darsul. He, Darsul and Drumhort were exploring the Forgotten Valley. While Saris thought they were out to find a mountain of hidden treasure and become wealthy, Darsul was only there for the Palmira Doll that lay lost in the valley. They wanted nothing more than to get the doll, no matter what the cost. When Darsul finally found it, he unleashed its powers, but this proved to be dangerous: the doll's powers were far greater than Darsul's, and it began to attack them. Saris was able to defend himself from it, but Drumhort was attacked, and the doll took away part of his soul and escaped with it. It is because of this that Drumhort lost his hesitations and his hope, the things which made him loved by the people of Solta.

As soon as the doll was awakened, a legion of Mutants appeared and attacked, consuming the people in their path, thus leading to the Eve of Disaster.

Saris reveals that Drumhort had doubts about the war between Solta and Morea, and that he thought he could put an end to the war if he could capture the world's most powerful weapon. He recounts that Solca's and Karmyla's souls had already been taken by the doll, and that Solca could spiral out of control at any moment.

Saris even reveals a possible connection between Faeana and the doll, saying that he saw the same energy in both of them (as evidenced when he pushed Faeana overboard, and when she was able to open the gate to the submerged Shadow Palace). He affirms that Faeana's soul is in harmony with the Palmira Doll, though Faeana retorts, saying that she does not know anything about it.

Towards the end, it is revealed that Darsul is not the only one giving power to the Palmira Doll: the Crystal of Truth guarded by Solca and Karmyla were giving it power too. Destroying the doll therefore would not be sufficient: it would not find peace unless the Crystal of Truth was destroyed.