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Evergrace 1 Edit

Many of the promotional images used for Evergrace are not actually in the final game. These Pre-Release Press images were used to promote the game back in early 2000 and many are still used today.

Dev Hill
Dev Hill1
This is a version of Saramad Hill that only appears in promotional images.
Dev Hill2
Darius sending some Dravolt flying with a Palmira Action.
Dev Hill3
Yellow version of Ammit.
Dev Hill4
It's hard to believe that such a cool monster was never added to Evergrace.

Instead we were left with Pararady and Icerady.

Dev Hill5
Nice blue sky that is actually green in the final game. Also Darius appears to be carrying the Solta Sword on his back with another unique pose.
Dev Hill6
Very blown out textures for Saramad Hill.
Dev Hill7
Fighting more Dravolt in Saramad Hill but with a green sky.
Dev Hill8
Unique pose for Sharline standing next to an early version of the fountain with no water running. Also the Green Gem is now Orange and not moving. It also appears that her sleeves were going to be more of a fish net style.
Dev Hill9
Sharline is now fighting Dravolt in an unknown part of Saramad Hill. It also appears that Sharline used to have her back exposed in her original default outfit.
Different Saramad Hill
Saramad Hill Diff1
This part of Saramad Hill was slightly altered. This is the area where there is a stream and a dog that you follow to a small hole in the wall. It appears that the rock archway behind the player is non existent and there is more grass and more trees. Considering grass planes can be taxing on any system the ps2 devs probably cut the grass to save some frames.
Saramad Hill Diff2
Loads of leaves are falling in this shot. The leafs particles for the final game do not spawn nearly as much. Also the Solta Sword is missing for Sharline. The large rock structure in the water is also missing from this image. Sharline's outfit also appears pink and her back is again exposed.

The water also appears vast with no fog gradient like in the final game.

Saramad Hill Diff3
There appears to be some sort of marble/tent structure to the left in the background.
Different Royal Commons
Royal Commons Diff1
Blue sky and trees here where they were cut from the final game.
Different Human Research Lab
Human Research Lab Diff1
Here Sharline is fighting a yellow Ammit and there appears to be some sort of rainbow pot on the shelf on the left. The texture on the pot could just be a texture bug exposing a normal map for the color map.
Cut Cutscene
Cut Cutscene
Could have always been a stand alone image for promotional purposes but since it matched the style of the CGI intro to the game I figured that there was a chance that this could be from a cut cutscene.

Evergrace Demo Edit

Was there a public or press demo ever created?

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