Rabbitor's Helm
Rabbitor's Helm
Game Forever Kingdom
Attack 244
Soul Points 64
Defense 39
Thunder Resistance 85
Earth Resistance 6
Fire Resistance 8
Ice Resistance 6
Effect N/A
"Representing a legendary beast that emits light from its body, this helm is strong against Lightning."
—Item Description

The Rabbitor's Helm is a purchasable helm in Forever Kingdom.

It can be bought from the Crystal Pillar shop for 3,420 tokens once Darius, Ruyan and Faeana enter the Buried Cavern for the first time.

The helm represents a rabbit, which, according to Forever Kingdom lore, emits light from its body. The only source for this legend, however, is the in-game description, as other animals besides Mutants are not seen within the events of the game.