"I was dreaming .. people hated me, betrayed me. All because of .. because of the Crest!"
—Red Breeze, Evergrace
Red Breeze
Legendary Mercenary
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Profile Legendary Mercenary Edit

Evergrace I: Edit

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Height: Approximately 6.2 ft

Personality: Edit

He is a strong man of outstanding pride and self-respect. He has the reputation of a Hero. A noble man that has led army's into battle and with the outcome always ending in victory.

History: Edit

A bearer of the Crest, known as "Red Wind." A name bestow onto him because of his natural abilities of a hero.

Warriors who have witnessed him in battle would often talk about how hi would run throughout the battlefields causing great bloodshed and mayhem. Red Wind is also the cause of the Crest emerging into the foreground of history. He was a mercenary hired by a clan that has for a long time resisted the Rieubane Empire. His client betrayed him and a colleague through an evil scheme devised by Morpheus and was able to capture him. He was then treated inhumanely as an experimental subject, but because he didn't serve well as a subject. he was thrown out by Morpheus and sealed.

He is now insane and is consumed with the idea of revenge against Morpheus and those who've betrayed him. It's a miracle that he's still alive and still has considerable fighting powers, even though they've been weakened a great deal.

Offense Status
Landslide Wave (Lightning) 420
Tackle 400
Critical Combo 450
- -
Defense Status
DEF Slash 210
DEF Hit 170
DEF Lunge 300
DEF (Lightning) 310
DEF (Tree) 250
DEF (Flame) 310
DEF (Ice) 190