Evergrace Edit

The Royal Commons is the starting location for Sharline.

Royal Commons 1
Sienna's destroyed home.
Royal Commons 2
Area down a short hill from Sienna's house. The sign at the coast points to the building sticking out of the water labeled "Human Research Lab". The ruins on the cliff to the top right is the Royal Shrine. There is a shop crystal and a statue in this area as well.
Royal Commons 3
Beyond a statue that blocks your path is this area with the large shells. A path to the right leads to Saramad Hill. The path straight ahead and up the hill leads to the Royal Shrine.
Royal Commons 4
The Royal Shrine with Merida outside to greet Sharline.
Royal Commons 5
Going in the opposite direction from Sienna's house you follow a cliff side to a Statue Wall of The Three Goddesses. Once past it there is a clearing with a statue of Souless Folus. When you interact with the statue as Sharline you teleport to the Human Research Lab. When you interact with the statue as Darius with Full Royal Armor you start a Boss Fight with The Ghost of Folus.

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