"A hand-made wooden doll carried by the younger princess."
—Item Description

The Royal Toy is a key item in Forever Kingdom. It is associated with Solca, the younger of the Twin Princesses. She is said to have cherished this item during her lifetime. The Royal Toy is a wooden doll with what seems to be a white blouse and a red ankle-length skirt.

Solca is presumed to have been buried in the Land of the Dead, and upon her burial, her mourners presented her the Royal Toy. Darius, Ruyan and Faeana come across this item in a Toy Box, hidden in a small cavern nook in the Land of the Dead.

The Royal Toy is not meant to be placed near the Monument of Love (Solca's headstone); instead, it is meant to be used to break the barrier blocking the exit out of the Land of the Dead.