The Solta Sword (called Soltan Sword in Forever Kingdom) is a weapon that appears in Evergrace and in Forever Kingdom. It is a small sword constructed of a high quality metal from Solta.

Acquisition and abilitiesEdit


The Solta Sword can be found at the beginning of the game while playing as Darius. But while playing as Sharline, the sword is just for aesthetic purposes. It has three Palmira Actions:

  • Chain Combo
  • Jump Attack
  • Flare Raid

Forever KingdomEdit

The Soltan Sword is Darius's default weapon, and is rendered in the CGI opening to the game. It doesn't have an attribute or an effect. As it is one of the many "attack-based" weapons in the game, it can be a potentially strong weapon, though it definitely is not the strongest.


  • In Evergrace, the Solta Sword's handle is orange, but in Forever Kingdom, the sword's handle is blue.